Easy Estate Planning is for Everyone!

Trusts can be Simple and Easy

If you were to ask ordinary Americans about their "estate", most would look at you in disbelief.  An Estate is what a billionaire has, not me.

Estate planning is a necessary part of every person's financial planning.


Utilizing trusts is a time-tested method of avoiding the pitfalls of a probate estate.  Most important is that a Trustee is your advocate after your death to honor and execute your wishes.  


Most people think of the person in their life who is most financially responsible and burden them with the task of distributing their assets after death.  Who would want such a task?  


Why not transfer that task to a professional trust company that has the detailed knowledge and experience to do the job in a professional manner as a fiduciary to your interests?  

Did You Know?

Did you know that you DO NOT need to hire an expensive attorney to create and implement an Estate Plan? 

Did you know that the real cost of  probating a will  is at estate settlement in the form of legal fees, executor expenses and unnecessary delays? 

Did you know that 90% of your estate plan can be completed 90 minutes? Talk to us today about how to simplify your estate plan FOR THE LAST TIME!